The history of Harpers Ferry is most closely associated with the raid of John Brown, an abolitionist who planned the raid in defiance of slavery.  For this reason, John Brown is one of the most famous people of the area.  Quite appropriately, there is a museum there in his honor.  Interestingly, it is a wax museum which uses life-size figures to depict his life and his relationship to the history of the area.  To learn more about the John Brown Wax Museum , visit .

John Brown’s Fort is also available for the viewing public to get a more realistic sense of the history associated with the raid.   It was used all throughout the Civil War and offers visitors great insight in to that time period in the area.   See for comprehensive information about this attraction.

Another place to stop in to get a sense of the history of Harpers Ferry is the Harper House, a historic dwelling whose claim to fame is that it is the oldest building (still standing) in the area.   Of interest to those who are fans of American history is that this house was once a tavern which served the likes of presidents including George Washington.