A great day trip from San Francisco includes a drive over the Golden Gate Bridge and a day at the Muir Woods area about 9 miles north of San Francisco.

From San Francisco find route 101 and head North. It will take you over the Golden Gate so have your camera ready.  There is no toll northbound ($5.00 southbound). Once you are over the bridge enter the tourist scenic overlook at the end of the bridge.  You can get great pictures of the bridge, San Francisco and Alcatraz from this location.  Try and pick as clear a day as possible. 

Continue North on route 101 to the exit for Muir Woods.  It is a fairly long, windy trip up into the mountains with lots of blind curves and scary overlooks.  If that is not your cup of tea, then don't even consider this drive!

Muir Woods is the home to a large stand of giant California redwood trees.   There is an admission charge of $5.00 per adult.  There is a visitors center, cafe and gift shop.   You have a choice of 3 routes through the forest ranging from 1/2 hour to 1 1/2 hour.  The half hour is  enough as for most. It is really spectacular and think kids and adults will love it.   Amazing how large and old these trees are.  Beautiful setting.

A good day to go is on a Monday and it was not too crowded but you can see where it could be mobbed on nice weekends.  That would detract a bit.   Parking is not great either but then you are there for the hike.