Take a walk down to the trolley terminus and get a ride  to the water. Hang on to the side and breathe in when another trolley passes by.  Wow. That was close. Walk to Fishermans wharf. Rent a bicycle for everyone in the group and follow the map to the Golden Gate Bridge. Ride with caution on the sidewalk. Stop halfway and enjoy the fantastic views that most people never get to see. Take a few pictures. Note the "Samaritans" phone and pause for thought.  Carry on with your journey across the bridge. You'll soon be in the most beautiful town you have seen in a long time: Sausalito. Stop near the fishing boats and rest your bikes against the wall and get "Starbucks" from across the street - and maybe something nice to give you some sugar - you've earned it. Enjoy the sights and sounds, and pity the poor people in their big cars who can't stop because there's no parking. Walk with your bike until the shops and coffee are all gone. Back in the saddle and on for an amazing few miles. Remember the icy cold air across the bridge? Stop and take your jacket off.  It suddenly feels hot. The grass looks burnt from the sun and so dry! When you get in the shelter of the hills on the ocean side it suddenly feels tropical! Make frequent stops and enjoy the amazing countryside. There's a gap in the hills just ahead and it's so foggy. Just like on the bridge. Then its gone again and you're back in the sun. Keep going and stop at the supermarket on the right hand side. You've earned a whole bottle of soda. Just for you.  Then around the corner to Tiburon for the ride home on the ferry. There is a long line to board the ferry. Will we make it on?  "WE ARE NOW BOARDING THE FERRY BACK TO SAN FRANCISCO AND ALL THOSE WITH BICYCLES ARE REQUIRED TO BOARD FIRST."  Yes! There is justice in this world and it belongs to the saddle sore. If you're  lucky - as you approach San Francisco you may see the City raising up from the mist - just the tops of tall buildings first - then the complete majestic crown of what must be the most be one of the most beautiful seafronts in the world.