Please be aware of the new arrangements for paying tolls to cross the Golden Gate Bridge southbound into San Francisco. Since March 2013, there are no more toll-takers at the Toll Plaza to accept cash. All toll payments are not processed electronically. There are four toll payments for drivers to choose from that most likely fit their preferred method of payment. Learn more about the toll payment options on the Golden Gate Bridge website:

When driving into San Francisco, before crossing the Golden Gate Bridge in a rental vehicle, customers are strongly advised to ask the rental car company how tolls are processed. Likely the most seamless and convenient option to agree to use a specific tolling program offered by the major rental companies. 

If you prefer to not use the tolling program offered by your rental company, you must (1) Ask your rental car company if you have to Opt-Out and follow the instructions, and (2) Take action before you first cross the Golden Gate Bridge (heading south into San Francisco) by making a One-Time Payment. Once you have your rental vehicle, take note of the license plate number and the end date of your rental period. You can ONLY make a One-Time Payment BEFORE crossing the Bridge when in a rental car.

Leaflets explaining this new system are available at the Airport but some rental car companies do not advise about these changes.