Haleakala National Park is at the extreme end of the paved roads the extend beyond Hana on the east end of Maui.  There is a $10 entrance fee per car, but this is such a spectacular site that it is well worth both the full day drive out and back as well as the fee. 

There are 3 sets of waterfalls and pools, the 'Ohe'o Gulch pools are only a few hundred yards from the parking lot.  They are at the entrance of the 'Ohe'o to the ocean.  The other 2 waterfalls are part of Pipiwai trail that goes ~2 miles up the gulch.  The trail is a bit rough on the ankles as it is all rocks and roots (strongly recommend NOT wearing flip flops or sandals.....ankle support is a good thing on this trail. 

There are a couple of bridges, lots of warnings NOT to jump off 100 foot cliffs or bridges 50 ft above the pools (who in their right mind would even think of doing these things?.....especially when there are vertical cliffs on all sides of the pools......some people just have suicide wishes). 

The Waimoku Falls really are 400 ft high......they are seldom dry, and are genuinely dangerous with falling rocks......which of course doesn't stop everyone from swimming in the pool and lying on the rocks.  There really have been people killed from the falling rocks which are VERY common.  However, nothing stops you from getting as close as you wish. 

The 2 streams to be waded are at the base of the falls.....and could become a problem if there were recent rains.  Otherwise, they are no problem.....with a small stream of water coming down the falls, most of the rocks in the streams are not even wet.

Haleakala National Park is a great place to experience sunrise, a hike to the waterfalls and pools Take a lunch and make it a day!