The resort town of Princeville exploits existing landscape for any athletic purpose imaginable, and when terrain is not deemed suitable enough for sport it is manufactured instead—as can be seen with its world-renown golf course that have made the game the number one activity of the town.

Tennis, swimming, biking, scuba diving, hiking, kayaking and practically any other outdoors activity thinkable are all available in the Princeville acreage.  Want to go whale watching?  Deep-sea fishing?  Take a helicopter tour of neighboring Kauai mountains and canyons?  Go ahead—all such active sightseeing is strongly encouraged of visitors to the area.  

Spa treatments are also a most popular, inactive activity.   The Princeville Health Club & Spa employs professional therapists in conjunction with Aveda staff to both eliminate stress via massages, aromatherapy, and aerobics and beautify bodies with facials, seaweed wraps, and other treatments.

The leisure du jour of Princeville, however, is, as mentioned earlier, golf.  Surrounded by and blending into tropical paradise, the Prince Course has been voted the top Hawaiian course by Golf Digest for many consecutive years.  Created in 1990 after over four years of construction, and sprawling 390 acres, Prince fairways stride both mountains and beaches, making for views par none.  Known for its difficulty, the course is full of water and topographical hazards, challenging and enticing vacationers onto a terrain they will not find elsewhere.