Woodland Dunes Nature Center
3000 Hawthorne Dr
Two Rivers, WI 54241-0486
Open Mon - Fri: 9 am - 4 pm; Sat: 9 am - Noon
Seasonally and during scheduled events.

The Woodland Dunes Nature Center is a 1,200 acre wildlife sanctury.  Hike six miles of trails through varied landscapes, from open marshes to dense conifer forests.  Visit the interpretive center and gift shop, explore the butterfly garden, join naturalist-led programs and enjoy folk music concerts.

From their website: "Woodland Dunes is an oasis of marshland, swamps, sandy fields and meadows and wooded ridges between Manitowoc and Two Rivers, Wisconsin.  Woodland Dunes is located in a "tension zone" between two distinct areas of natural growth. Both northern and southern species of plants and birds are found here.

Located between two busy cities, this floodplain, wetland and dune-ridge area forms a green island of shrubs, grassy glades, and trees that provide a haven for wildlife...and for people.

Step beyond the cities, only a few blocks away, and enter an almost timeless environment while hiking our nature trails.  Enjoy the sight of waxy, yellow buttercups, hear the clear,whistled notes of an oriole, feel the swish of the wind through the hemlocks or feel the soft breast feathers of a bluebird at the bird banding station.

Visit Woodland Dunes and share this experience."