Palace of the Marques de la Rambla

Location: Plaza del Marques. 


The Palace of the Marques de la Rambla was built for Francisco de Molina y Valencia, councilman of Ubeda and infantry captain in the war against the Moriscos of Granada. His wife belonged to the Cobos Family. He contracted with the stone cutters Juan Hernandez and his son Cristobal Hernandez to make the facade of the palace. He wanted something similar to the Palace of the Vela de los Cobos, which had the two savages on the facade.

The facade has two floors that are separated with fascia in the form of diamonds. The main door is framed by Corinthian columns connected with a lintel. There are windows with wrought iron screens. The second floor has balconies with windows, framed by Ionic pilasters and topped by triangular pediments. On the second floor above the main door there are two figures of savages that frame the balcony. The patio is elegant with two galleries, one on each floor.

Today the palace is occupied by the Hotel Palacio de la Rambla, a small and beautiful boutique hotel with 8 rooms.