Frying Pan Farm Park is a county park, but is also a working farm.  The farm represents farming life from the 1920-1950's.  There are pigs, goats, chickens, peacocks, cows, sheep, and horses.  You can view a smokehouse, dairy house, corn crib, cider press, farm house, and more.  Plaques have information on them to explain how things work and the staff is happy to answer questions. 

There's also a playground on site, just in case the kids want to climb around and play.  Picnic tables are near the playground, as well as benches.  The country store is great, too.  There are lots of little fun things in there, including affordable $.10 candy sticks or other penny candy. 

This is not a huge park, but is well taken care of and great for both children and adults.  

Admission is free.

More information about the park can be found on the following website: