It is because of its rich history and culture, in additon to its beautiful ocean-side setting, that Hampton, Virginia is so popular with tourists.  The city's cultural attractions attract thousands of people each year. 

Of the more well-known cultural destinations in Hampton is its Art Market.  This outdoor sculpture exhibit features over 20 works of art by local artists, spread out over the area of a few blocks.  Visitors can get maps of the market with descriptions of the works at the downtown's visitors center.  All of the art on display is for sale, and remains so for up to one year, at which time it is replaced by new art.  No trip to the Art Market two years in a row will be the same!

Another of Hampton's cultural attractions is its Charles Taylor Arts Center.  This buildng located on Victoria Blvd. is home to several exhibits at once, from both local and visiting artists.  Exhibits are open to the public for viewing free of charge every day except Monday.

For more information on Hampton's cultural attractions, visit the Hampton Arts website.