The American Theatre in Hampton, Virginia is the city's only remaining historical theater.  Built in the early 20th Century, The American was originally constructed as a movie theater and vaudeville play house.  One of its historical claims to fame is that it was the very first integrated theater of any kind in the Southern Virginia, allowing both black and white people to take in shows together.   

The theater, having been neglected for years, was purchased and renovated in 1997 by the non-profit Hampton Arts Foundation, who spent almost 3-million dollars bringing it back to its former glory.  The American Theater reopened in 2000 and has ever since been a favorite of visitors and locals alike.  Today the theater's program features a mix of dance, drama, and folk and world music performances. 

For more information on the American Theater or for a listing of its program and ticket info, visit its page on the Hampton Arts Foundation's website.