The Wobbly Barn Steakhouse has been a fixture on the Killington Access Road for over 40 years.  Situated mid-road across from Charity's and the Sun Up Bakery, it has a striking presence on the snow laden roads and woods.  Constructed of many old barns that were salvaged from being used as firewood or what-have-you, the building is as unique as the restaurant itself.  The happy hour usually runs from 4 to 7 in the upstairs area (or the bar).  Downstairs, the food awaits (although there is a bar to grab a nice pint of your favourite Long Trail, etc.).  There's nothing fancy here folks.  Just a come as you are attitude reigns in this kingdom of steak.  The "World Famous Soup and Salad Bar" is worth filling up on.  Frequently, the game used on game night ends up in the soup on the next two days (which is a bargain way to try the expensive meats).  Come hungry-- those Wobbly Cut Prime Ribs are to die for however, if you feel up to it-- The even bigger Six Mountain Cut is for you!  Servers are great and lay it all out for the Wobbly virgins.  This restaurant is something special, let's hope Jason Evans continues to manage the place like his dad did (and it stays open for at least another 40 years!).  In addition, it would not be fair-- not to mention the bar upstairs.  The place is legendary for nightlife and when you eat at the restaurant, admission will be free or at a discount.  This is must do for live music lovers!  Tell Bobby the bartender that you know Big Al.  :)