From the spectacular Mojave desert to the lush Pine forests of Valley Mountain, Saint George (St. George) guarantees the traveler plenty of opportunities for day trips. Let’s take a look at some state and national parks around the St .George region.

St. George’s prime area attraction is Zion National Park. Visitors enjoy the varied wildlife that includes mountain lions, wild turkeys, eagles, hawks, big-horn sheep and more.  A similar remark can be added about its diversified flora that include about 800 species of plants. The park hosts special talks, guided walks, evening programs, a park junior ranger program for kids from 6 to 12 years and day and overnight hikes.

For some good ideas on day trips check out this site St. George Utah website.

Other adjoining parks that make a wonderful day trip are:

- Bryce Canyon National Park.   Just two hours north-east of St. George, Bryce Canyon offers views unlike any found in the world.   Limestone spires colored by iron oxidization, fill 20 miles of natural amphitheaters on the east rim of a large plateau.  

- North Rim of the Grand Canyon. About a three hour drive from Saint George, it is your opportunity to experience the magic of pine forests and have a spectacular from the canyon highest points.

- Kodachrome Basin State Park is a great place for camping. The visitor will enjoy the changing colors of this river basin as the sun cmes up and sets down. Feel as if you were inside a film. The desert landscape adds a surrealistic tone to the experience.

- Lake Powell, This man-made lake boasts nearly 2,000 miles of coastline with beautiful waters framed by multi-colored sandstone cliffs. The lake has complete facilities to ensure that the visitors enjoy their favorite water sport from swimming to fishing.