Provo is located in a fairly remote area of the country, so some driving will be necessary. The city is about 45 miles south of Salt Lake City just off Interstate 15. From within Utah, you can also get to Provo by taking Highway 73 or 89. Rent a car, as the mediocre public transportation system in Provo makes personal automobile the most efficient way to travel around. Also, there are a number of scenic drives outside of Provo that are only accessible by car. These include the Alpine Scenic Backway, the Cascade Springs Scenic Backway, and the Provo Canyon Scenic Byway.

Amtrak has services to Provo aboard its California Zephyr line, which runs between Chicago and the San Francisco Bay Area, which makes the rail an excellent option for visitors from the West. Greyhound also runs services here from cities all over the Rockies region as well as the rest of the Southwest.

If you wish to fly into the area, take a plane to Salt Lake City or Denver. Though Provo is the second or third largest city in Utah, its airport is a small regional one. Transportation services from the airport is available via the Utah Transit Authority, which runs an extensive system of buses throughout the state.