Although most of Utah, and Park City in particular, are considered to be fairly safe for tourists, all people traveling abroad in any country need to take some precautions in order to avoid becoming a victim of the tourist-aimed crime that seems to affect more and more travelers all the time in popular destination cities.  In order to do this in a place such as Park City, where many tourists visit, try to avoid carrying more cash than you need, especially if you are out shopping or visiting attractions where there is little or no security.  Do not wear expensive jewelry, and if staying in a hotel be sure to make use of your hotel's safe for your valuable items.  Men should not carry wallets in their back pockets and women need to pay close attention to their bags while shopping and dining.  Backpackers should keep their packs locked, especially while they are wearing them.  Also, be especially alert in bus stations, markets, and other places where large numbers of travelers congregate.  Park City has a relatively low crime rate, but there is crime. 

Most of the crimes are when people leave their cars unlocked, skis unattended,  generally forget that there is still crime in the community.  Driving under the influence is a big concern of the Park City Police department and often there will be a joint task force between the various agencies to combat drinking and driving.  There is ample free transportation and the laws in Utah regarding alcohol are very strict.  It is a great little ski community, but use common sense.