RENTING  A CAR in Houston is a MUST, especially if you are traveling there on vacation.  The airports are very far from most destinations and cabs would likely be cost prohibitive.  The good news is that renting a car in Houston is relatively inexpensive compared to most other large cities, however there will be surcharges which will increase your total bill. Try to get your directions in order ahead of time because the freeways can get very confusing and Houston drivers do not have patience for slow drivers! And if you fall in the category of a slow driver (basically if you drive under 70mph), always always always drive in the right hand lane of the freeway.  Downtown Houston and the Galveston Seawall require paid parking.

NASA, Kemah and Galveston are great day trips, but not easliy or conveniently accessible by public transportation.  If you're traveling to NASA, Kemah is just a few minutes further along the same route.  Years ago, it was a small city with great "crabbing" on the jettes. Now, a big, open commercial shopping area has been added with tons of restaurants, an outdoor, waterfront walking path and a mini-theme park for the kids.

It's important to know that Texas has strict laws regarding seat belts and approved child car seats. All occupants of a vehicle are required to wear a seat belt or risk a fine of up to $250. Children 8-years-old or under and under 4' 9" in height are required to be in approved safety seats. If you are traveling to Houston with children and plan on traveling by car, you must have car seats for each child under 8-years of age. If you don't bring car seats with you, there are baby equipment rental companies in the city that rent approved car seats and boosters.