Public Transportation


Galveston does have a public bus route that runs during the day time, however, it's routes are setup for the locals. You will be much happier renting a car, rather than wasting your vacation waiting on the bus that won't take you where you want to go. Galveston also has a working trolley system that runs from 25th & Seawall Boulevard to the Strand District. Visit for more information and a map.


Trolley Fares

Adult $1.25
Senior Citizens   with Transit I.D. $0.60
Disabled   with Transit I.D. $0.60
Medicare   with Medicare I.D. $0.60
Children   5 yrs & under FREE
Children   6 yrs - 11 yrs $0.60
Student   6 yrs -18 yrs with Transit I.D. $0.60
Transfers FREE