Radnor Lake State Natural Area, located only a few miles from downtown Nashville, is a great place for walking and sight-seeing.  The lake is an artificial body of water in a beautiful, wooded setting.  You can walk around the lake (about 2.7 miles) in about 45 -- 50 minutes.  There is a paved road (off-limits to vehicular traffic) that parallels (and is adjacent to) the lake's southern shore and a somewhat longer (mulched) trail through the woods a few hundred feet north of the lake.  There is beautiful scenery -- the lake itself, the trees, the ridges, and the woods trail -- for anyone who can walk to enjoy  There are also steeper side trails for more serious hikers and lots of resident deer.  The deer frequently feed within a few feet of the woods trail and don't seem to be spooked by the presence of people quietly walking the trails.  Because the surrounding forest is fragile, people must stay on the trails.

There is a very nice Park Headquarters building (with well maintained bathrooms) by the Natural Area's west entrance.  Other bathrooms are a mile or so away by the east entrance.  There are a series of benches at regular intervals on the trails.  There are several viewing platforms adjacent to the Lake too.  People with handicapped stickers on their cars may drive up the (west entrance) paved road right to the Lake.  (The paved road on the south shore is suitable for wheelchairs.  The woods trails are not wheelchair-friendly.)  Everyone else has to leave their cars in the parking lots and walk 1,000 feet or so to reach the Lake.