The major mode of public transportation used in Memphis is MATA which operates both the bus system and the trolleys used in Memphis. MATA information can be obtained by phone at (901) 274-6282 or on their website at  

Tourists often enjoy riding the MATA trolleys as a way to see various sights in Memphis.  The Main Street Trolley runs north and south in downtown Memphis and the Madison Trolley runs east and west.  The Main Street trolley takes visitors along two and a half miles of the Mississippi River and through the historic Riverfront Loop.  The trolley is one dollar per ride with lunchtime (eleven am to one thirty pm) being half price and discounted passes available for frequent riders.  On the last Friday of each month, the trolley is free from 6-9 in the evening and includes live entertainment and complimentary champagne as well as stops at fifteen different art galleries.

MATA also operates the local bus system.  Bus rides are $1.40, half price for seniors, and transfers are $0.10.  MATA offers a Stop and Shop pass for passengers who will be transferring repeatedly over a short time period.  The MATA bus system also operates shuttle services for sports fans during football and basketball season.