For navigation purposes, downtown Memphis is furthest West and located on the banks of the Missippi River. Just East of downtown is an area of Memphis considered Midtown. Midtown is largely residential, but also includes attractions such as Sun Studio, Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, Children's Museum of Memphis and Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium. Locals know the area just East of Midtown, but within the I-240 loop as East Memphis. Outside the highway loop are suburbs of Memphis - Germantown, Cordova, Collierville, Millington, etc. Consider this map of Memphis when traveling to the city. 

Most visitors find that that driving in Memphis is relatively easy and renting a car is a simple option for getting around.  Memphis streets are laid out and well-maintained so driving is fairly efficient. Two major streets, Poplar and Union, run East and West through the city (they eventually overlap). Poplar and Union are great way-finding streets and many Memphians will reference them if you ask for directions.

 You may find some traffic conjestion on major highways or roads during rush hour, but Memphis traffic is very calm compared to other major cities.  

For cab service, try City Wide Cab Company or Checker/Yellow Cab. Downtown Memphis to the airport is typically a 15 minute cab ride.  

Public transportation is easy to negotiate in Memphis and is often an alternative after driving. The bus system, MATA, is inexpensive and runs all throughout the city as well as to and from the Memphis International Airport. There are two lines which run through downtown Memphis and this is the way to go if you need to get downtown during high-traffic hours. Additionally, MATA operates a trolley system. The trolley cars are renovated 1920s cars which make a circular route past the Mississippi RIver, National Civil Rights Museum, Tennessee State Visitors Center and many other attractions, restaurants and shops. Visitors often use the trolley system to see the famous locations without having to worry about driving and parking.  

Downtown Memphis is very walkable and many visitors choose this method when exploring Beale Street, The Orpheum Theatre or music attractions like the Memphis Rock 'n' Soul Museum. If you do happen to get worn out from walking, just call on a horse drawn carriage that are often have stands throughout downtown. Carriage tours are a unique and romantic way to see downtown Memphis. 

Backbeat Tours and Blues City Tours both offer sightseeing tours to attractions throughout the city. It's advisable to purchase tickets in advance because they often fill up fast. Both Backbeat and Blues City are located in downtown Memphis.