The climate of North Myrtle Beach is mildly subtropical. It's distance from the equator prevents it from becoming as warm as Miami and its distance from the Northeast repels the wet, cold winters of New York City. The water temperature stay within an equilibrium due to the gulf stream winds up the lower Atlantic coast. Almost any time of the year is a good time in which a visitor can arrive at North Myrtle Beach. He or she should select the weather condition and water temperature that appeals to him or her the most.

The beaches generally remain cooler and windier than within Myrtle Beach towns or suburbs like North Myrtle Beach. The average temperatures writ large rarely fall below 54º F.  The most pleasant weather conditions unfold in October, November, March, and April. Cool ocean breezes and refreshiong water are frequent during these months.

May to September grows hotter throughout the summer. In contrast to the other months, the water is warm. The water is average of 80º. July is the hottest month with daily temperatures in 90's and sometimes, the 100's. In conjunction with high humidity, this weather may seem unbearable to out-of-towners. Fishing and recreational sports are other factors travelers should take into account during their vacation plans. Choose the month most suitable for the proper ocean currents.