Narragansett has a four season climate. The summer is the high tourist season as people flock here from the big cities in New England to claim their spots on the beach and eat the great cuisine. Summer is when the city is at its most lively and features many festivals. Spring and fall see a fair share of tourists as well when the flowers begin to bloom in April and May and when the leaves start changing in September and October. Winters get quite cold and see a lot of snow. Christmas is a great time to visit the city as well however; bundle up and enjoy the decorations and holiday festivities.

Summer temperatures range in the 70s to 80s. The sun beats down and you'll need adequate protection. The ocean brings in nice breezes and the weather is generally very comfortable during these months. Spring and fall also have comfortable temperatures ranging in the 50s to 60s while the winter gets down to below freezing on a regular basis.

Aside from the Christmas season, the majority of events take place in the summer and that is also the season in which you can enjoy ocean activities. Book early however, as this season can fill up fast!