Hershey Trolley Works offers sight-seeing, chocolate-tasting, historical tours of Hershey, PA.  A quick note about reviews: Hershey Trolley Works is based at Hershey's Chocolate World, so many reviews of the trolley are embedded in overall reviews of Chocolate World.

Every tour allows guests to see the Hershey Kiss Streetlights, Mr. Hershey's Mansion, Mr. Hershey's original chocolate factory (still the world's largest), and more. In addition, guests are introduced to the inspiring legacy of Milton Hershey, an honest-to-goodness American dream experience.  

A very fun, very inspiring 60 minute historical tour is available 50 weeks of the year (not the week before & after Christmas).  In addition, an entertaining 45 minute show tour, where actors bring the story of Hershey to life, is available during summer months, and a Christmas themed version runs on weekends in November & December, plus the week before & after Christmas.  Hershey Trolley Works is based in Hershey's Chocolate World™, and all tours begin an end at Hershey's Chocolate World™.  Trolleys run rain or shine, but not in snow.  Typically in the spring and fall there are 9 - 15 departures per day.  In the summer and on busy weekends there are between 20-35 departures per day.  Guests purchase tickets in the lobby of Hershey's Chocolate World™.