Hershey Park is an outstanding amusement park located in Hershey, PA. There is something to do there for everyone, whether you are an adrenaline junkie or are just there for a relaxing time. The park is very large, with no mass transportation system (i.e. train, sky ride, monorail, etc...) so you will walk a good distance through the course of the day. However, this is the only downside. Here are the details:

Coasters:Hershey Park has an excellent selection of ten thrill machines throughout the park (with one on the way).


  • Storm Runner: This wild ride rockets you from 0 to 72 mph in 2 seconds!But that's just the beginning: Storm Runner features a 180' Top Hat with a 90 degree drop, a 150' Cobra Loop, and two Heartline rolls high in the air! Be sure to check this monster out when you vist.
  • Great Bear: As one of the first of its kind, the Great Bear offers a unique ride experience. Instead of riding above the track, like a traditional roller coaster, this coaster dangles your feet through various twists and turns including a 270 degree helix, a 100' Elliptical Loop, an Immleman Loop, a Zero-Gravity Roll, and a high speed Corkscrew. 
  • Fahrenheit:This ride is on of the tallest rides in the whole park there is a lot of loops and it is very tall so you can see the whole park at the top of the Fahrenheit! 
  • SooperDooperLooper: This coaster is both historic and fun. Being the first looping coaster in the eastern United States, SooperDooperLooper still packs a punch. It appeals to young and old and everybody in between. Its many thrills include a Vertical Loop, 60-foot drops, a pitch-black tunnel, and a tight-to-the-ground helix. 
  • Roller Soaker: This wet and wild ride features suspended back-to-back seats. Can you say squirt guns? Water flies everywhere on this crazy coaster. Riders and spectators fight to get each other soaking wet! 
  • Comet:Hershey Park's oldest roller coaster still towers over Founder's Circle and Comet Hollow. The 3,000-foot long ride features countless dips, turns, and G-forces. This is great fun for the whole family and is still very smooth. 
  • Lightning Racer: This dueling wooden roller coaster pits Lightning against Thunder in a race to the finish. Thousands of feet of twisted track, near-misses, over-banked turns and a twin tunnel await you on Lightning Racer. 
  • Wildcat:This extremely rough and intense twister coaster satisfies the needs of even the biggest adrenaline junkie. With a massive wooden structure and an insanely twisted layout, the Wildcat is no meow! 
  • Wild Mouse: Located directly across from the Wildcat, the Wild Mouse does more than scurry away: it flies away. The mouse's escape route is a series of tight curves, quick drops,and bunny hops. The compact layout and structure makes it seem like you'll hit your head on the track above you! 
  • Trail Blazer: This gentle coaster takes you on a scenic journey through a ghost town. With mine-cart shaped cars, the Trail Blazer is a great choice for the whole family. 
  • Sidewinder:If one trip through Sidewinder's twisted layout isn't enough, try it backwards! This crazy coaster pulls you up a lift backwards, and then lets you go. After a dizzying one-two punch(a Cobra Roll and a Vertical Loop), your helpless car ascends a parallel lift. You are once again dropped, but this time, you're backwards!                  


Had enough? Hershey has plenty more! Rides like The Claw, Wave Swinger, Pirate, Scrambler, and Flying Falcon are sure to make your day even more enjoyable. Cool off with Tidal Force or Canyon River Rapids, or in the newest section of the park, the Boardwalk. The Boardwalk includes 4 huge slides, a massive water play structure, and a radical surfer theme. Kowabunga!

Though Hershey Park has major bragging rights when it comes to coasters, it is also a beautiful family park. Six large sections of the park are devoted to kids. Whether it's smaller copies of the big rides or mini sports-cars, young children should have no problem being entertained thoroughly.

The park is kept in immaculate condition all season. Baskets of flowers hang from lamp posts. Gardens sprout up everywhere you can imagine. It is a rare occurance if a single ride is shut down. Staff are generally nice and run rides at or close to maximum capacity.

Hersheypark is a great place to visit for everyone. Its roller coasters are superb, just like every other ride there. The gardens and landscaping are amazing. Soif you're in the neighboorhood, stop by Hershey Park. You will not be dissapointed!

Where did the corn fields go Hershey? The last time was in Hershey 45 years ago on a school field trip remember there was a giant cement looking building to myself if was the Hershey castle wow what a sight was thinking as  got closer, noticed as far as the eyes could see where tall stalks of corn what seemed for ever. the  where in downtown Hershey  believe there was about six buildings in all they looked like Disneyland buildings, the main street was the only street lined with light poles with Hershey kisses on top. finally I got inside the factory as soon as  entered  where in a large narrow front room where a host greeted in front of a 100 lb Hershey bar. as soon as got to move inside  entered the Hershey kiss holding bins where millions of kisses laid in waiting of packaging I remember  where allowed to eat as much as could carry had very baggy deep pockets that day :) am 50 years old now and that was 45 years ago folks id give just about anything to relive the past once again im now handicapped and terminal ill so the cost is out of the question and destroys the hope of getting there anytime soon anyways it good to see the build a fun place around a great place for a change but again... where are the corn fields? lol

Charles h price jr (sky valley California.)  was born in pa and left as a child valley forge was  backyard play area to this day  have never had the opportunity to come back home.