Head west on Highway 30  from Portland, and in 10 minutes you'll take a right onto the Sauvie Island bridge. 

Many people use the island as a bike/jog route, although if you talk to an islander, they aren't fond of driving around bikes due to the limited bike lanes around the island. Please be *aware* and cautious of vehicles around you if you plan to bike. Larger vehicles such as RVs and trucks need space - keep your bike as far to the right as you can! If you want to bike or jog, the Tri-Met bus #17 will get you there if you don't want to hassle with parking ($7 daily parking fee with limited spaces, $22 yearly at this time) 

Sauvie Island can also be a great place for visiting U-Pick farms (farms have parking available while you are visiting them), bird-watching, hiking though Wapato State park: http://www.everytrail.com/guide/sauvi... and hanging out at the beach.

A fun family, group of friends, or romantic day trip; you can pick fresh, local fruits, veggies, flowers and more at many farms. Get out there and support the local farmers and get a good price for healthy, fresh food at the same time. For produce and u-pick options, check their website for each local farm's current bounty. Don't forget to come out in the fall for the corn maze and multiple pumpkin picking options. Pick a few cinderella/pie pumpkins for fall decor and then bake them for pumpkin pie!

If you want to head to the beach you have your choice of several, including a clothing-optional beach.

Many Portlanders haven't even hear of the island-but it's so close! To get outside and pick some fresh marionberries for pie that night, raspberries for your oatmeal the next morning, and fresh flowers for your dining table is heavenly (and the prices for such delights are wonderful as well when you harvest produce yourself!) Go visit.


Map at the bottom of this page: http://sauvieisland.org/visitor-infor...