Hood River is a great place to enjoy some outdoor sports. The nearby gorge is extremely popular with windsurfers for its excellent waves, but other activities are available as well. The forests around this part of Oregon and Washington (across the Columbia River) have many trails for hiking or mountain biking, and equipment is available from many stores in Hood River.

Driving is a leisurely activity that yields great rewards around Hood River. There are many local farms (some with vineyards) that sell fresh produce and homemade goods (jams, spices and the such) located along the Fruit Loop.

The Mt. Hood Scenic Byway is a route that takes visitors along a part of the original Oregon Trail used by early settlers to reach Oregon Territory and Willamette Valley. It also partially covers the route that Lewis and Clark took on their expedition to the Northwest during the early 1800s. Today, small villages and towns dot the picturesque landscape of forests (with hiking trails, if you are interested) and geological landmarks. The Oregon Cascades Birding Trail also makes for an excellent drive or bike ride. A brochure detailing the ride is available free of charge from the Hood River County Chamber of Commerce.