For the most part, Hood River is a small and friendly town. Petty theft and property crimes still do occur occasionally, but these are not significant problems. The police department has 15 members for the town of about 6000.

First-time visitors will not want to miss the Hood River. It has some very beautiful scenery and is a favorite among windsurfers. Getting there usually requires a car or a long bike ride, but there are also tour companies that offer rides around the gorge and to other towns in the Hood River region. Since parking and traffic are usually not problems in Hood River, it is recommended that you come with your own car. This makes getting from Portland (the gateway for most visitors into the Columbia River region) easier as well.

Visitors should also go around to some of the farms on the outskirts of town. Hood River's long agricultural tradition means that these farms have been passed down through families that know a great deal about agriculture. Besides fresh local produce in the summer and fall, these farms sometimes also have their own vineyards, where you can sample and buy locally made wine. For the more adventurous, there is a 35-mile Fruit Loop that permits cyclists which goes past many of the local farms. The Mt. Hood Scenic Byway and Oregon Cascades Birding Trail are also excellent drives or rides to go on.