Set in magnificent countryside in West Sussex, Borde Hill has a truly remarkable collection of Magnolias, some of largest you will ever see.  The best time to see them is end of March beginning of April. 

Also it boasts a great collection of rare Rhododendrons, Camellias and Maples as well as six woods full of rare trees, some unknown elsewhere.   

It is home to 76 champion trees (tallest or the widest girth). 

The Tudor Mansion on the property was built in 1593 by Stephen Borde and was then extended in the 18th and 19th centries.   Colonel Stephenson R Clarke acquired the house 1893 and set about planting the park and gardens extensively.  He sponsored many plant hunting expeditions, amongst them, ones lead by Ernest 'Chinese' Wilson and George Forrest.

Not only does it cater for the plant enthusiast, it also offers Easter egg hunts and activities for children as well as having an imaginative adventure playground.