Like any large metropolitan area, Columbus has its share of diverse communities, each with a unique identity. Still, these communities combine into a comfortable, middle-class, Midwestern place its citizens can happily call home. Housing data is based on data culled  from City Data, HER Realtors, Department of Development, and the hyperlinks connecting to the city's official web site.  Many of the "neighborhoods" listed below are not within the city limits of Columbus but are separate cities with their own city governments: Bexley, Dublin, Gahanna, Grandview Heights, Grove City, Groveport, Hilliard, Reynoldsburg, Upper Arlington and Westerville.


ZIP CODE: 43209  -  MEDIAN HOUSE PRICE: 135,000 -   SQ FT: 1100  -  YEAR BUILT: 1975

Located just east of downtown Columbus and Olde Town East,  Bexley is noted for its large Jewish community and several of Columbus' social elite.  Bexley is old money -- the Ohio governor's mansion is located here, as well as the private Columbus School for Girls -- but has less affluent residents as well.   Bexley is the home of Capital University.  The Ohio governor's mansion is located in Bexley.


ZIP CODE: 43202  -  MEDIAN HOUSE PRICE: 125,000  -   SQ FT: 1200  -  YEAR BUILT: 1950

Nestled between Worthington and Ohio State, Clintonville has a diverse population of singles, young couples, and small families, with a smattering of elegant older homes.   Its proximity to The Ohio State University makes it a convenient location for Ohio State employees.   There are several family-owned establishments on High Street and Indianola Avenue as well as the Whetstone Park of Roses..


ZIP CODE: 43017  -  MEDIAN HOUSE PRICE: 310,000  -  SQ FT: 2800  -  YEAR BUILT: 1985 

Dublin has grown several times over in the last two decades, becoming one of Columbus' largest and most affluent suburbs. Located in the northwest part of the metropolitan area, west of Worthington and north of Hilliard, Dublin is home to the Muirfield Village Golf Club and its annual Memorial Tournament.  The Columbus Zoo and Griggs Reservoir are nearby.


ZIP CODE: 43230  -  MEDIAN HOUSE PRICE: 145,000  -  SQ FT: 1600  -  YEAR BUILT: 1955

One of Columbus' older suburbs, Gahanna has changed from a sleepy small town with a rural feel to the site of large housing and retail developments.   Within two miles of Columbus International Airport and Easton Town Center, Gahanna enjoys moderately priced to upscale housing and a racially-diverse middle-class.

German Village

ZIP CODE: 43206  -  MEDIAN HOUSE PRICE: 75,000  -  SQ FT: 1000  -  YEAR BUILT: 1880

Bolstered by upper-class urban families and singles as well as a large gay/lesbian population, constant renovations to German Village make it ideal for liberal urbanites, legal eagles, and other downtown professionals. Old Victorians and brownstones are set on small lots and parking is always at a premium. Several German-themed Restaurants and bars are scattered through this quaint village. In 1974, The German Village was added to the National Registrar of Historic Places.

Grandview Heights

ZIP CODE: 43212  -  MEDIAN HOUSE PRICE: 205,000  -  SQ FT: 1100  -  YEAR BUILT: 1930

Just south of Upper Arlington and northwest of downtown, Grandview offers an upscale middle-class neighborhood with a quaint suburban feel, yet still close enough to downtown to commute by bus or even bicycle. Residents of Grandview range from students to professionals.  The strip along Grandview Avenue bustles restaurants and small shops, and Grandview has become home to several art galleries and studios.

Grove City

ZIP CODE: 43123  -  MEDIAN HOUSE PRICE: 135,000  -  SQ FT: 1600  -  YEAR BUILT: 1975

Accessible from downtown Columbus by driving approximately 10 miles south of Interstate 71, Grove City is bounded on the north by the freeway, and to the east and west by undivided lands - offering Grove City a secluded feel, which can be both good and bad. Still, Grove City is truly suburban, attracting mostly mid-sized families in the lower middle and middle class.


ZIP CODE: 43125  -  MEDIAN HOUSE PRICE: 105,000  -  SQ FT: 1500  -  YEAR BUILT: 1970

Historically suffering from problems in their school district, Groveport's teachers and citizens have struggled to keep value added to the real estate in this lower middle-class suburb approximately 10 miles to the Southeast of Columbus. Blue collar families of medium to large size share Groveport with older locals who have lived in this suburb for most of their lives, making Groveport a relatively quiet suburb with a rural hometown feel.


ZIP CODE: 43026  -  MEDIAN HOUSE PRICE: 130,000  -  SQ FT: 1300  -  YEAR BUILT: 1990

Located on the west side, just south of Dublin, Hilliard has several distinct personalities and has gone through explosive growing pains in the last decade. Two high schools delineate the old and new residents, and likewise, the lower-middle and the upper-middle classes of the city. Hilliard has its own mall in Mill Run, which also boasts an apartment community of the same name.   Both families and singles call Hilliard home.


ZIP CODE: 43222  -  MEDIAN HOUSE PRICE: 50,000  -  SQ FT: 1000  -  YEAR BUILT: 1910

By driving westward out of downtown Columbus on Broad Street, travellers will run into the Hilltop after their cars climb out of the part of Columbus called "the Bottoms"  for its geographic location in a flood plain extending along the Scioto River.   At the top of that climb is the Hilltop and Franklinton, one of Columbus' oldest communities, supporting mid-sized and extended families in Columbus' lower class.

Olde Town East

ZIP CODE: 43205  -  MEDIAN HOUSE PRICE: 75,000  -  SQ FT: 1500  -  YEAR BUILT: 1900

Having successfully started a major renovation, Olde Town East offers 2000+ Square Foot homes in all states of rehabilitation and repair. Likewise, this neighborhood mirrors the housing landscape, attracting urban singles as well as sexually and racially diverse populations. Franklin Park Conservatory is located at the eastern edge of Olde Town East and connects it to Bexley and beyond.


ZIP CODE:43068  -  MEDIAN HOUSE PRICE: 135,000  -  SQ FT: 1500  -  YEAR BUILT: 1955

Located 10 miles East of Columbus along Interstate 70 and SRs 16 (Broad St) and 40 (Main St), Reynoldsburg comprises a mixed family base of racially-mixed middle class families. The city has grown to the north and east, towards Licking County, and is home to Blacklick Woods Metro Park and Golf Course.   Most homes in this suburb are mid-sized ranch homes or split levels built in the late 1960s and early 70s, and two story homes built more recently.

Short North

ZIP CODE: 43201  -  MEDIAN HOUSE PRICE: 210,000  -  SQ FT: 2000  -  YEAR BUILT: 1920

Another of Columbus' downtown urban communities, the Short North Arts District features a large gay/lesbian community with bars, restaurants and shopping catering to the citizenry. Commonly, condominiums and two-story two or three bedroom houses populate this community.  The Short North is the home to numerous restaurants, bars and coffee shops, as well as art galleries and eclectic shopping.

Upper Arlington

ZIP CODE:43221  -  MEDIAN HOUSE PRICE: 380,000  -  SQ FT: 1900  -  YEAR BUILT: 1965

Situated in the near Northwest between Grandview, Dublin and Hilliard, Upper Arlington is made up of an older area, complete with its own historic district, to the south, and a newer area to the north.   One of the earliest planned communities, Upper Arlington has housing of all sizes and prices, and the community is a popular residence for professors at adjacent The Ohio State University only a mile away.  he community of Upper Arlington features an established upper class population that is 90% White, 8% Asian and the remaining 2% divided among black, Hispanic, and mixed populations.  Residents rely on the Kingsdale and Lane Avenue shops for their shopping needs.

Victorian Village

ZIP CODE: 43201  -  MEDIAN HOUSE PRICE: 280,000  -  SQ FT: 2600  -  YEAR BUILT: 1890

Located just north of downtown between High Street and Neil Avenues, Victorian Village is comprised of large two-story homes in the last stages of renovation. Most homes are 4-bedroom two stories with unfinished basements, while Neil Avenue homes are upwards of 3000 Square Feet and $300,000 on average. The Village supports a liberal upper middle class of downtown and university professionals.


Located in the northeast corner of the metropolitan area, Westerville has grown exponentially over the past two decades.  Largely a suburban bedroom community, for many years Westerville proudly banned the sale of alcohol within its borders. 


ZIP CODE: 43213  -  MEDIAN HOUSE PRICE: 100,000  -  SQ FT: 1400  -  YEAR BUILT: 1955 

Located just east of downtown between Bexley and Reynoldsburg, Whitehall is an older community that offers affordable housing for a racially diverse lower and lower middle class. The average home is a smaller 2-bedroom ranch or a duplex split, and the community itself largely supports a working class family of three to four. Two miles south of Whitehall lies Eastland Mall which has JCPenney, Sears, and Lazarus as it's anchor stores.


ZIP CODE: 43085  -  MEDIAN HOUSE PRICE: 180,000  -  SQ FT: 1400  -  YEAR BUILT: 1965

This older community features  2 and 3-bedroom homes in Olde Worthington, a large apartment community along the northeastern edge and larger 3 and 4-bedroom homes in its more affluent northwestern corner. Because of its location between Columbus and Delaware as well as Route 315 and I-71, Worthington suffers from rush hour gridlock. Middle and upper class families both call Worthington home.  Worthington has its own shopping mall -- Worthington Square -- as well as a quaint city center.