Do I need a car at Cape Tribulation?
You can get by at Cape Tribulation without a car, if you are able to walk 1 - 2 kms without any trouble. Most of the tours will collect you from your accommodation. Most of the things you need are within walking distance - the beach,  eating places, the shop. The local buses will usually drop you off at your accomodation. There are bicycles and cars to hire at the pharmacy. If you are only coming for 2-3 days it is often cheaper to hire a car than to come by bus, especially if there are 2 of you.

Do I need a 4WD to get to Cape Tribulation?
Only if you plan to travel north from Cape Tribulation to Cooktown - there is 30 kms of the Bloomfield Track to negotiate with very steep and rough gradients. After rain this track can be closed. In the old days you needed a 4WD to even get to Cape Tribulation. This is a photo of the local bus which is a 6WD! taken on the main road at Cape Tribulation in 1989.

This is a photo of the local bus which is a 6WD! taken on the main road at Cape Tribulation in 1989.

Can I hire a car at Cape Tribulation?

Yes  If you want to explore further north you can either hire a small 4WD from the pharmacy or you can go on a 4WD trip for either a full day or half day. Masons Tours operates a half day tour to Bloomfield and and a full day tour to Cooktown. You can find out more about this journey over the Bloomfield Track and appreciate its history at Daintree Coast - Daintree Blockade

How long should we stay at Cape Tribulation to see everything?

It depends on what sort of traveller you are - if you like to relax and enter into the spirit of Cape Tribulation, you could easily stay a week or 10 days, relaxing on verandahs on the edge of the forest. If you like to have action-packed days every day, you could probably find enough to do for 5 days. Three days would be a minimum.

What's the weather like ?
Check the latest forecast for Cairns which is 150km to the south of Cape Tribulation, which gives you the next 6 days. But remember that Cape Tribulation gets more rain than Cairns. See below.

How wet does it get in the wet season at Cape Tribulation?
Wet - the average rainfall at Cape Tribulation is 3.5 metres (12 feet). Cape Tribulation does not let the rain stop them from doing anything - it is not cold when it rains. That's why they have the Daintree rainforest!  Several metres of rain can come down in one overnight downpour. Visit the rainfall statistics for Cape Tribulation, taken by Hans since 1981.

When is the wet season at Cape Tribulation?
It's hard to say. In 2000, it rained from January to October at Cape Tribulation, and then for November and December as well.

Cape Tribulation has a distinctive climate - high rainfall likely at any time of the year. High rainfall during the wet season is brought about by the monsoon (Feb - May) and high rainfall during the rest of the year brought by the trade winds blowing from the south east.

A major contributing factor to this likelihood of heavy rain at any time is the mountain range located so close to the coast. Mt Sorrow and the other peaks force the warm moist air to rise and cool quickly, creating ideal conditions for tropical downpours. This distinctive climate is recognised in the local Aboriginal language, which identifies five seasons:

Kambar - - wet time (late December - March )
Kabakada - winter rain (April - May)
Buluruiji - - cold time with some rain (June - September)
Wungariji - hot time with little or no rain (October - November)
Jarramali - storm time (November - December) 


When can I swim at Cape Tribulation?

You can swim at Cape Tribulation all year. From May to November you can swim in the ocean. Once the stingers arrive in November after the first heavy rains, then we swim in the rivers and the creeks upstream where there are no crocodiles. There are some wonderful icy swimming holes. The stingers are only found close to the coast, so it is quite safe to snorkel offshore on the Great Barrier Reef, throughout the year. You can buy a stinger suit, and enjoy swimming at the beach all year from the Pharmacy or the shop.