For those not familiar with Bahia Kino (Kino Bay), it is a beach town about one hour west of Hermosillo. The highway from Hermosillo to Bahia Kino was recently paved and vastly improved.

 There are two Kino sections, Kino Viejo, the old fishing village, and Kino Nuevo, the 5-mile "strip" along the beach of vacation homes and condos, mostly only 2-3 blocks deep from the beach. Kino has not yet been developed like Puerto Penasco with high rise condo resorts. It is a very quiet and calm place, except for the Mexican spring vacation time of "Semana Santa' (the Holy week period around Easter) when it can be quite crowded. It is a popular place for US retirees and vacationers in RVs. Kino's beach is natural sand, while further south at San Carlos the natural beach is gravelly, and the sand is trucked in. It is very scenic.

Las Toninas Condos are at the south end of Kino Nuevo and about 1/4 mile from the old town. The condos are on the beach in a 2-story building. While the furniture is not the latest fashion, the condos are very comfortable and very clean. They have a full kitchen equipped with cooking and eating utensils. Each condo has its own private balcony or patio overlooking the sea and Alcatraz Island about a 1/2-mile out in the bay. The cost of the condos is 850 pesos/night (currently about $65 US April 2010) which is very reasonable here where homes on the beach rent from $200 and up per night. The condos are air conditioned (rarely needed , but more necessary in the summer) and have high speed Internet access and satellite TV.

Other lodging is available in the two Kinos. There are several small hotels. There are other condo developments with rentals. There are also many vacation homes for rent, generally $200/night and up. In Kino Viejo a new small "boutique type" hotel has recently been built, Hotel Hacienda, with very well-equipped, well-designed and comfortable rooms around a central courtyard with pool. There is also a new option, Sun City Apartamentos in Kino Nuevo. It is new and rents apartments by the day. It is located about 2 miles into the town.