Ocracoke is a little different then the rest of the Outer Banks. You will either love it or hate it.

Ocracoke is an old fishing village once was a pilot town to but it’s  claim to fame is Black Beard the Pirate. This was his hide out and the place he was killed , There might even be some treasure some where.

If you plan a day trip to Ocracoke plan on getting on the ferry from Hatteras ( Free ) before 10 am in the summer months and don’t stay too late as the ferry gets busy during mid day going and late day coming back. The fall and winter months is a bit different but the ferry doesn’t run as much so you need to plan ahead as to when you want to get to the ferry. Call (1 800 by ferry )to get the times during the off season . But during the summer months it runs every 15 minutes

To really enjoy Ocracoke you need to get out of you car an get on a bike . Stop by the historical museum at the visitors center at the Cedar island ferry docks. There are places to rent bikes if you don’t bring your own.

You will find no fast food here or 7-11 don’t expect any thing to get done in a hurry ,one gas station two food stores and lots of restaurants . But the beauty of the beaches is what it is all about

The best Beaches are only accessed by 4 wheel drive , there are some spectacular sun set seen from South Point as this one here. Remember leave only tracks on the beach

South Point is the favorite place most every one  it is wide and very open fishing of all kind is had here you can fish for Flounder on the back side or Drum in the inlet or blue fish on the ocean side.  Sharks, rays, skate, cobia, and just about any bottom fish like spot, blow toads, sea mullet, lizard fish can be found.  You name it they have been caught here.

Ocracoke is mostly an uninhabited island with a small town at one end it is owned mostly by  the National Park Service  and no development is allowed except within the town limits. There are no homes or development at all on the Ocean beaches here, just on the sound side and around Silver Lake.  What you will find here are natural beaches unencumbered by development.

The only other beaches in the US like these are not accessible so that is why Ocracoke is so special to those that love it. You will find tranquil beaches in their natural state, not groomed by tractors every morning. Expect to see seaweed on the beaches, occasional dead fish or turtles.  There is only one life guarded beach north of town and that isn’t very wide as it fills up fast in the summer months. The best beaches are accessed by 4 wheel drive.

South Point sun set