The United States Military Acadamy at West Point sits atop a rise overlooking the western shore of the Hudson River. This 200 year old academy is composed of militrary gothic structure for student and faculty use set into the hillside and on the Plains where you can look north up the Hudson River. Most notable are the revolutionary Ft Putnam, Cadet Chapel, Catholic and Jewish chapels, Cadet dorms (closed to the public) and numerous private quarters that look out over the river. Although there are now security controls at the gate you can still tour the grounds using a bus company that leaves from the Visitors' Center and Museum located just a short distance from the gate on Rt 218.

The public is also invited to attend free Sunday afternoon and summer evening concerts.  There is the Eisenhower Theater where travelling Broadway productions and a variety of other performances are shown from Sept - May. The Hotel Thayer is an old, but beautiful brick building that greets visitors at the Washington Gate, near the Visitors' Center. Check the USMA and Thayer Hotel website for details and schedules. If you do drive onto the campus there is a picnic area along the river that is usually open to the public. This is particularly enjoyable before one of the summer events at Trophy Point, Eisenhower Theater or one of the many sporting events. Other attractions nearby include the revolutionary remains of Fort Montgomery on RT 9W, Bear Mt and the Bear Mt bridge, and on the eastern side of the river, Garrison, Cold Springs, Boscobel, all along Rt 9G and Graymoor on Rt 9.