Visitors of any age will enjoy a visit to the Zanzibar Butterfly Centre, in the village of Pete.  The centre is just 1km down the road from Jozani National Park (45mins drive from Stone Town) and has a live display of colourful butterflies in a beautiful tropical garden. The very friendly rangers show you round the garden and explain how money from visitor admissions is helping the community butterfly farmers. All the butterflies in the exhibit are native to Zanzibar and farmed locally - providing a sustainable and environmentally friendly way for locals to earn a decent wage. The rangers are very knowledgeable about the different species flying in the garden and they show you live examples of the different life stages, including some very beautiful pupae that look like earings!

There is a small traditionally built reception and small shop where it is possible to buy drinks, postcards, tshirts and cushions made by the women's cooperative Sasik in Stone Town. There is a large car park and basic toilet facilities at the centre.