As it is one of the most visited tourist sites in the United States, the city and other organizations around the falls have taken great care to make sure getting to Niagara is simple, safe and straightforward, whatever your chosen mode of travel.

The Niagara Falls area is served by Buffalo Niagara International Airport, and air travel into the city can be arranged with a number of carriers, including Continental, USAirways and Southwest. The airfield is a little more than a half hour outside the city, and the full range of cab companies are of course present and waiting to whisk you off to the falls. If you don’t want to drop all your money on cab fare, and are traveling alone or in a small group, the ITA Shuttle runs right from the airport to the falls and is available five times daily for $30 per person. Most of the major rental car agencies operate on-site at the terminal, so finding your own way to Niagara is simple as well.

A taxi from the airport to Niagara Falls will cost you over $50.00

There is no direct public transportation between Buffalo Airport and Niagara Falls. NFTA used to offer a direct bus from the airport to downtown Niagara Falls, NY., but this service has been discontinued.

The Niagara Falls Tourism and Convention Corporation operates the only Official Tourist Information Center in Niagara Falls, located at 10 Rainbow Blvd. in Niagara Falls.  Visit Niagara Falls Transportation for a full listing of ways to get around the area.

Alternatively, Greyhound runs full bus service to the city (the station is on 4th St.) and Amtrak’s Empire Service from New York City has its terminus at Niagara—the train station is on 27th St.

Open 24 hours, Goat Island in the heart of Niagara Falls State Park NY is a 22-mile drive from the second-most attended attraction in the area, the Buffalo Zoo which closes at 5PM. After your day at the Buffalo Zoo, a drive to Niagara Falls State Park offers year-round breathtaking views with free unadvertised late night and overnight Goat Island parking lot (after regular $8-$10 parking days and seasonal evenings), nighttime illumination evenings, and the incredible natural beauty from the railings at the brinks of the Bridal Veil Falls, the American Falls and the Horseshoe Falls. Open to all visitors from around the world 24 hours a day.    

Entry into Canada is usually limited to only those current passport holders and some bordering state drivers licenses (including NY State) which may offer an enhanced feature at an extra cost. But even those individuals may be refused entry if there has been arrests, convictions, or driving under the influence of alcohol violations.