Visitors to Montauk will find a little stroll through the charming boutiques downtown can be a welcome break. Strangley enough the best shopping is actually away from the downtown. There is a little lifestyle center (Gosman's Dock) located about 3 miles from the plaza- down towards the fishing docks. There you'll find probably the best store in town Homeport (furniture, accessories, gifts, jewelry) along eith the towns only Toystore (Captain Kid Toys) and mens store (Pier Group).

In town itself there are a few locations to call out. Beckers is a great old school hardware store, Strawberry fields does amazing flowers (note those allergic to cats look out), antique lumber does some amazing things with wood, Homeport Town  carries more contemporary jewelry (Alex and Ani, Uno de 50), and Shine is a great little womenswear store. If your looking for great gifts Homeport sells mid -high end home goods and accessories, all with a distinctly luxe beach-house-meets-Park-Ave vibe. Good beach reads can be found at the charming little book shop, Barnacle Books, located in the Plaza. Children will delight in the high quality, educationally sound goodies offered up at Captain Kid Toys on Gosman's Dock.

If you're looking to really relax, Turtle yoga  on South Elmwood Street sells goodies designed for yoga and meditation.  The largest 'spa' selection you propably find at the spa shop on Old Montauk hwy at Gurney's, they also have a sea water spa ( daily fee applies). There are many new shops downtown and at the docks, so you really can go on a shopping adventure.

If you forgot anthing many of the stores listed here are covered on