Directions: Follow Montauk Highway East through Montauk Village. Continue on Montauk Highway past East Lake Drive. Park sign and entrance is on north side of Montauk Highway.

Seventeenth century Montauk was home to America's first cattle ranching system. Each spring, East Hampton Town colonists would drive cattle across the narrow Napeague strip to let them graze the rugged downs of Montauk. The herds were fenced in naturally by the surrounding waters. Historic Third House at Theodore Roosevelt County Park originated as the home for these early cattle keepers.

Third House also played a significant role in 1898 when it was utilized as the headquarters for Camp Wikoff. After their victory in the Spanish-American War Theodore Roosevelt and the Rough Riders, as well as 28,000 soldiers suffering from contagious diseases, were quarantined at Camp Wikoff in Montauk. A Spanish-American War Exhibit displaying photos and memorabilia from the war and Camp Wikoff is open to the public May through October. (Wednesday through Sunday 10:00am - 5:00 PM)