Although Ditch Plains Beach has become famous of lately for its surfing, in reality it is most frequented by families during the summer months(locals only).The area for surfing is quite small, as the Town of East Hampton prohibits surfing within 250 feet of a designated swimming area.  There are bathroom facilities at the Town Parking lot located at Deforest & Ditch Plain Road where you'll also find a concession stand, open during the summer season.   You are required to have a town beach parking sticker to park there.  Continuing east on Deforest Road, you'll come to another parking area next to the East Deck Motel.  This area, too, also requires a town beach parking pass.   There's a third, dirt parking area a bit farther to the east(surfers that for you!).  This, too, requires a town beach parking pass.  There are no facilities available at this location at all.  The local police diligently patrol all parking lots in this area, so do not attempt to park there unless you want a ticket.Get a taxi!!

Summer weekends are especially jam-packed and the crowd really detracts from the whole beach experience. If you're just out for a day at the beach or are in Montauk on vacation - skip the hype and go to one of the beaches in the village. They're beautiful, far less crowded, parking is better, and you're only steps away from the village. If you really want to be at Ditch, heed the warning about parking!  Bike OR take a taix (biking is better!)