The Palmer House in the Griggs Mansion agreed to be one of the homes open to the public as part of a "tour of homes" benefiting the local adult day care service.  As one of the volunteer guides, here's what visitors learned.

The Griggs Mansion is a local landmark, built in 1892 by one of the town's wealthy merchants. Until the Palmers bought it five years ago, it was slowly falling apart from the neglect that preys on old wooden 7,000-sq-ft mansions from the 19th century. Everybody in town has been impressed by the changes outside. Visitors will see that the inside matches the outside.

The owners intended it to be a B&B, and their remodeling of the available rooms includes the kinds of things you don't always find in B&Bs: wireless internet access and enough outlets to charge the phone, camera, etc.

 The main staircase features old stained glass windows and there's wonderful old woodwork everywhere. Perhaps most fascinating is the original wallpaper in the parlor!

The rooms that are currently available are indeed a comfortable size, with private bath and shower. And it's on the upscale end of town, so guests can enjoy a peaceful, lovely neighborhood that's a short walk from restaurants, the theater--which is from about 1923 and has been open continuously and recently renovated, so you can enjoy a movie in a setting substantially different from the multiplex--and the regionally renowned Vidler's.

If you visit from May to October, you can also visit the home that President Millard Fillmore built to start off his married life .The original house, built in the 1820s, has been moved from its original location, but the house itself is genuine, and the only house built by a president--presumbably with help, he built it with his own hands--still standing. The village of East Aurora is about 30 minutes from everything in and around Buffalo, including the Peace Bridge to Canada.