Las Cruces has many different museums ( ) which travelers can explore in order to get a sense of the local culture, history and artistic endeavors of the area.  These museums are located all throughout Las Cruces , with several clustered on or around the campus of New Mexico State University .  A few worthwhile museums are also located just outside of Las Cruces .  The ones to be sure to try to see during a trip to the city include:

  • Branigan Cultural Center – This is an art museum which is home to both permanent and temporary collections.
  • Kent Hall ( – Located on the campus of New Mexico State University , this is the museum where the university maintains its permanent collection.  Worth checking out once during a stay in the area.
  • Museum of Natural History – This small museum, housed inside of the Mesilla Valley Mall, is an excellent place for learning about the natural environment surrounding Las Cruces .
  • New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum ( – This is an agricultural museum which is notable for being the largest such museum in the entire world.  Travelers can go here to learn about plants and animals in the area as well as to gain an understanding of the history of the people who made their living off of the land in the area not so long ago.
  • Old Mesilla Village – This historic village is akin to a living museum.
  • Space Museum ( – Travelers can go here to learn about the history of space exploration both locally and internationally.  The museum is located just outside of the city.
  • White Sands ( – Travelers should be sure to head out of the city to see White Sands Missile Range .  Known for its amazing dunes, this park also has a museum which may be of interest to visitors.

Travelers can learn about the different upcoming exhibits at several of these museums by visiting