Visitors will find that there are numerous events in Las Cruces throughout the year.  Many of these coincide with important holidays in the Mexican tradition.  Many others are related to the history of the area.  Annual events around which visitors may want to plan their Las Cruces trips include:

  • Balloon Festival – Taking place each January, nearly one hundred hot air balloons are released in to the sky at once.
  • Border Book Festival – Fans of the literary arts should head to Las Cruces in April for the three-day weekend literary reading event held there.  See for more information.
  • Chile Festival – In September of each year, there is a large chile festival which is supplemented with other foods, live music and various activities.  See
  • Cinco de Mayo – The fifth of May is a huge celebratory time in Mexico and Las Cruces looks just like Mexico at this time of year.
  • La Vina – The last weekend of April is a celebration of jazz music and wine tasting.  See for information.
  • Whole Enchilada Fiesta – This party takes place at the local fairgrounds and has become well-known throughout the southwest region.  It began when a local restaurant created an excessively large enchilada (we’re talking ten feet across) and started a party to celebrate.  Today the festival includes various vendors and activities around the big event.
Visitors can learn more about these and other annual events, as well as find out about monthly and ongoing events in Las Cruces , by visiting .