There are a couple of museums in Ocean City which are often visited by tourists. Anyone interested in learning more about Ocean City should spend a few hours in these museums because they will prove to be educational and entertaining for just about everyone!

Discovery Sea Shell Museum – This museum is located on Asbury Avenue in Ocean City and it is home to about ten thousand different types of seashells that originated from all over the world. Not only are shells on display for museum exhibit purposes, but there are also many types of shells for sale. So, anyone who is interested in collecting shells, this is the place to visit. The museum also sells other types of collectible items such as fossils, air plants, and other gift-type items all related to the sea.

Ocean City Historical Museum – The Historical Museum is where to go for any information related to the history of Ocean City . The museum is constantly collecting and displaying items that have a historical significance in relation to the history and development of the area. The main goal of the museum is to educate the general public on how Ocean City has evolved and prospered over the course of many years.