Did you know that Playland once had a bowling alley?

Simms was once a fancy restaurant  where there is now an arcade.

Watson's Regency was once  one of the fanciest restaurants in town.

The Breakers on Delancey  was  the first hotel on the boardwalk in 1912,  it was torn down during the first week of Nov. 1970.

Playland had a skating rink in the 1940s.

In the 1960s the average price for shrimp cocktail was $1.25.

There were three salt water pools in front of the Flanders Hotel.

The Ferris Wheel was Gillian's first ride- It was Gillian's fun deck.

Lillian Albus was the dress shop for high end women's clothing on the boardwalk.

Stainton's was the major department store in town.

The first baby parade was held in 1901.

The stores  were all closed on Sunday until 1985- you could only buy papers, magazines or medicine.O.C. had blue laws.

 In Oct. of 1908 a 58 ft. long whale washed ashore at  4th St.

There were no turns in the boardwalk at the north end from 5th St. down.

There were six stores under six apartments on 4th St. They held up through the 1962 northeaster. They came down shortly after the towers went up on the north end. The boardwalk  was cut back  in the early seventies to save the beaches.

The area between Gillian's Playland and the turn back in the boardwalk had a major draw called Johnson's IceCream.  (Story to be written later)