Welcome to the oldest seashore resort destination in the United States, Cape May! Cape May's history as far as America is concerned, quite extensive; it was claimed at the same time that pilgrims were first arriving to Plymouth, Massachusetts. The Peninsula was named by Cornelius Jacobsen Mey, a captain from the Netherlands, in 1620. Dutch communities settled here and began whaling as a major commercial industry.

 As with many names in America, the spelling was changed, in this case about one-hundred years later when city became America's first seashore resort.

The architectural style of Cape May is a true testament to Victorian design. This charming style is what dominates the area, as the town was built up during the rule of Queen Victoria during the 1800s. Two destructive fires were seen shortly before this era that took down acres of land and some of the biggest resorts. The renovations that took place after these is what provides us with the beautiful Victorian design that remains today.

In more recent years, 1976, Cape May was honored with the status of a National Historic Landmark City, tourism always has and still is a thriving industry on this picturesque pennisula.