The Gondola rides at the Venetian are a great change of pace from all of the walking, gambling and eating you'll probably do and probably one of the most affordable activities in Vegas.  Guests have a choice of scheduling an indoor or outdoor ride (lasting about 15-20 minutes).   The  'box office' is outside at the canal and reservations can only be made same day.  You will also see the photo gallery nearby (yes, there are photographers who will snap a pic when you get on the gondola).

With the Indoor option, you glide through St Marks square, under walking bridges and past the lovely shops.  Onlookers smile and wave as you ride through the canal.  Although it's indoor, you can schedule a specific time, regardless of weather. 

The Outdoor option is most like the 'real thing' as the sun shines or wind blows, however if there are gusty winds or rain in the forecast, you cannot schedule the ride much more than an hour or so in advance.  If you have a good weather day though, the Outside option is ideal.

The gondolas hold 4 adults, so if you don't specify that you want a private gondola ride (as in you're willing to ride with another couple or group), the cost is $16 per person/$32 per couple.  If you request a private ride for two, it's $32 per person/$64 per couple (basically the cost of 4 passengers).   Don't forget to save some dough to tip the singing gondoliers.  If you want, you can actually get  married on a gondola as you sail the canal.  Here's a tip--schedule around dinner time or a non-peak time and you may get a private ride for two even if you didn't request it.

The gondoliers are trained and most have a fantastic signing voice.  The gondoliers are friendly and enjoyable to talk to.