Get a litle wild in Las Vegas...where to see wild burros. 

You may have heard that you can see wild burros in Las Vegas. Well, they aren't usually wandering around on the strip but they can be found pretty easily just a few minutes from downtown Las Vegas!  From the strip, go West on Charleston for about 10 miles, with all the stoplights that should take you about 30-45 minutes depending on traffic.  Once you enter the canyon but before you see the main entrance into the visitor's center at Red Rock you will see a small road off the the right called Calico Basin. Turn right on Calico Basin and keep your eyes open for burros as you travel down this picturesque little road.  If you happen to see a jam up of cars off to the side of the road , there is most likely a burro sighting.

The other place  you are sure to see burros is just past the main visitor's center entrance on the left about 1 mile.  You will see a gate and sign that say horsebackriding.  Walk under the sign and turn to your right and follow a very narrow dirt trail. Follow this trail for about 1/2 mile.  As you round the bend, just out of sight of the main road, look around. There are dozens of wild burro in this area. There are plenty of other places to find the burros but be careful because some times they come right onto the road without warning especially near Bonnnie Springs.  Please don't feed them. It's not good for them and they can bite and kick! Remember, they are wild animals not pets in a petting zoo.