Just because Lake Tahoe is a paradise for sports doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do at night. To the contrary, as Nevada is a state well known for legal gambling, there are several lively casinos located just over the state line. These casinos form the backbone of evening entertainment in the area. There are even BlueGo casino shuttles (starting at 5pm) that will expressly drive you to a casino for some nighttime fun.

A few casinos are located on Lake Tahoe itself, as the lake forms part of the border between Nevada and California. Check out the Crystal Bay Club, Harrah’s Lake Tahoe, Cal-Neva Resort, Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe or Tahoe Biltmore Lodge and Casino. These places also have excellent restaurants and bars for meeting other visitors and nightly show performances, Las Vegas style. These can range from improv comedy to dance parties to simple live music. If the casino options at Lake Tahoe do not satisfy, it takes less than an hour to get into Reno, one of Nevada’s premier gambling locations.

Bars and pubs are readily available both inside and outside these casinos. Bill’s Lake Tahoe Casino is home to a Boost nightclub, and Mc P’s Pub Tahoe in South Lake Tahoe features live music every night of the year. Nearby is another pub by the name of Mulligan’s, whose drink selection has more of an Irish flavor.