Henderson honors its veterans at the Civic Center Plaza, where the names of city veterans who lived in Henderson before 1980 and have died are listed on a commemorative wall. This includes a special Vietnam Memorial of those who are living or dead and served in Vietnam, and lived in the city prior to 1980.

It isn’t just snowbirds that come to Nevada for the late night activities. The area is home to almost 200 species of feathered friends that include waterfowl, wading and even birds of prey. The 147-acre Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve lets visitors get up close to see the birds. It includes migratory bird stops where seasonal birds have a place to call home during their trips, and this features wetlands with lagoons and ponds. The museum is open daily from 6am until 3pm, and larger groups can be accommodated.

The Clark County Heritage Museum offers visitors a look back to see what the area was like before the region became a boomtown. Exhibits include an authentic turn of the century era Union Pacific steam engine and caboose, as well as the Heritage Street, which is a collection of historic homes that have been restored to recreate different periods from local history.