The area of Missoula features a climate that has four truly distinct seasons. Expect warm to hot summers, pleasant spring and fall weather, and cold winters with lots of snow.

The spring and fall can be pleasant with temperatures that average around 60 degrees during the daytime, and evenings that are a bit cooler. Throughout the spring and fall you expect plenty of clear days.

Summer is the warmest, and driest month in Missoula and in July and August it can be quite warm with temperatures in the mid to upper 80s during the day, and with cool temperatures in the low to mid 60s at night. When traveling to Missoula, it is best to dress in layers, as the temperatures can be much cooler in the early morning or evening than at the peak of the day. During the summer it is also common for there to be weeks on end with little to no rainfall, and the occasional heat wave can spike temperatures well into the 90s. Summers are the time of swimming in the various rivers, mountain biking in the woods or hiking on the area’s numerous trails.

Winters can be equally drastic, and December through February can be the wettest months. It isn’t uncommon for lengthy periods of temperatures well below freezing and the region can be hit with heavy snowfall. But there are activities in the great outdoors year round, and a lot of snow just means it is time to hit the slopes, ride the snowmobile or go skating!