Anyone with a sense for the ecclectic will want to be certain to beat the rush hour traffic around University City to check out what the locals dub as "The Loop." One doesn't have to wait until the summer muggy season. In fact, February is a lovely time to take a sweetheart on a special weekend with so many attractions within major interstate access.

While absorbing the vibrant atmosphere, stop on into the world acclaimed hangout of anyone who was ever a Grammy recipient at the Blueberry Hill Restaurant . The owner has more than a ceiling to floor's worth of vertically-arranged evidence from LOTS of well known actors artists, musicians. Don't get too disappointed if you don't sense "otherworldly vibes" when standing on the sidewalk with Vincent Price's name underneath your feet...unless it's a full moon. "MuuuWAHHhahahahahaaaa!"

The Loop is so interesting that even if you encountered less-than-affable weather, there's always the trolley and the world's greatest sport to both young and old, bowling at the nearby Flamingo Bowl. 

Again, this is a place you have to look for in the St Louis area. Rest assured their is truly more than the crossroads of America arch over the not-always-muddy Mississippi River, and far more than the essense of Busch beer in the air. So take an eye opening spin around "The Loop" and discover that history didn't repeat itself in this area. In fact, history still happens every single day!

Ken asks Chuck Berry for a few guitar tips!


Blueberry Hill